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'Though not a classic ‘werewolf’ story, Metas is the reinvention of the struggle to contain and harness the animal within. An urban tale of heightened senses, mysterious groups hellbent on eradicating the problem, and a hunger that cannot be denied. Through broken friendships, stifled lovers, and secrets that would drive anyone insane, Louise brings the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the life of protagonist Violet.

Violet is not a perfect hero – she gets her hands dirty on numerous occasions, a morally conflicted woman who was never given the tools to make the right decisions. She may be the least ‘human’ of all the characters in the book but she certainly has the complicated emotions and motivations of a human. She can be brave, cowardly, kind to strangers, mean to those she loves, secretive and irrational and this is what makes the story so easy to get through. It was never a difficult task to turn to the next page. Metas gives you plenty to chew on.

I found Metas to be a visceral and multi-faceted story that wouldn’t be amiss on the big screen. The female monster story needs to come back to the forefront and this is a good place to start. Violet is an imperfect main character and one that you can’t always agree with, but you certainly can’t look away from. It’s bloody, it’s messy, there is no perfectly sculpted happy ending here, but plenty of bite.'

'Rae Louise’s new novel Metas is another excellent novel that equals and surpasses her fantastic first novel The Fear published in 2017. This novel is so good that I can’t wait to read more from this young voice of horror who looks like she is ready to take the torch away from hardened horror writers from the past and shine it to a dark future.

Metas has strong characters that keep the reader invested and interested. Tortured souls getting over the murder of a close sister, friends who are there to support though not always appreciated and the dark mysterious trio who appear to help put the main character on the path of her destiny. Louise is able to take these complicated character types and control them and keep them real and live within the confines of her three dimensional world. Never once do the characters verge away from their personalities in order to drive the plot forward. Louise’s strengths are always with her strong character types and distinct character personalities.

The novel takes it strength by coming up with a realistic folklore and bringing this to fruition. She takes something that could be thought of as tired and used up and adds new life whilst at the same time, delving the reader into a new world that makes sense through science and lore. Other authors sometimes attempt to do this but few have succeeded to the level that Rae Louise has been able to carry this forward.  

The characters are strong and every single one of them is so well written and three dimensional. Even Tina, who works in the office of the main character, is totally fleshed out though she is basically a fourth tier character. She makes an appearance in the beginning and when she appears two-thirds into the novel again, the reader remembers her even though the character is not part of the overall plot. This is how strong the characters are written. They basically feel like they are living and breathing and this is a credit to the author.

The plot is excellent and keeps the reader well invested. Action sequences, mystery and suspense are well handled. The mystery and suspense aspects are professionally handled and the author is accomplished enough to be able to feed morsels to the reader and slowly unveiling the whole scheme to turn the world on its head. Expertly handled that could have fallen flat but this is kept tightly wound through to the final conclusion that rewards the reader with its excellence.

This is a must read that shows that Rae Louise is a force to be reckoned with. A strong lore and mystery blended together with science against a horror and mystery story that enthralls its audience while never speaking down to them. Strong characters that are excellent, plots that are fully fleshed out and a fully realised folklore that truly feels real and alive makes this on hell of a winner. Exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, full of incredible pathos makes this one of the best page turners of 2019.'

-Keith C, Media

'A gripping horror fiction novel, Metas by Rae Louise is the story of a woman whose sister died in an unusual gruesome circumstance. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt, Violet Kendal, not your normal working girl, sinks into a mind set that proves to be toxic to her relationship with Dean. After a chance encounter with a strange man, she finds herself deeply involved with a group of mysterious personalities, and she joins their nightmarish world where she will come closer to the truth about her sister's death and her own part in it.

Metas by Rae Louise is an edgy horror story that exposes the primal force that exists inside all of us humans. Fast paced and engaging, the story follows Violet Kendal's quick descent in a self destructive path of violence. Guilt and grief certainly make a very bad combination. It becomes even more dangerous when Violet realizes that she has the tools to exact revenge. Will she sink deeper or can she find a way back to reason and humanity?

Rae Louise's writing style is simple and direct but, at the same time, it does not spell out everything for the reader. As such, one has to read between the lines to find out what is really going on inside the characters' hearts and minds and most of the time, it is not very pleasant. And this is perhaps what makes the novel interesting and unique. As Violet grapples with her heart and mind, one cannot help but empathize with her. Reading this book is highly recommended!'

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