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Gothic Rebirth celebrates its first Halloween with freebies, discounts and more!

New products especially created for this spooky season.

Mini Porcelain Mask Halloween
Mini Porcelain Mask Joker
Gothic Black Horse
Cat Ring Holder

Throughout the month of October, all orders come with a free hand-painted MDF glitter skull. Keep an eyeball out for Halloween week when custom figurines will be subject to a 10% discount.

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Metas is available to review via Netgalley until 29/11/2019. Whether you're an Amazon reviewer, Goodreads member or blog/website owner - all platforms welcome!

Recent reviews

"Though not a classic ‘werewolf’ story, Metas is the reinvention of the struggle to contain and harness the animal within. An urban tale of heightened senses, mysterious groups hellbent on eradicating the problem, and a hunger that cannot be denied. Through broken friendships, stifled lovers, and secrets that would drive anyone insane, Louise brings the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the life of protagonist Violet.

Violet is not a perfect hero – she gets her hands dirty on numerous occasions, a morally conflicted woman who was never given the tools to make the right decisions. She may be the least ‘human’ of all the characters in the book but she certainly has the complicated emotions and motivations of a human. She can be brave, cowardly, kind to strangers, mean to those she loves, secretive and i…