Aventurine – Shanti

"I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility, and a smoother road ahead."

No matter how rocky life may have been in the recent or distant past, restored peace and balance lie ahead. This is a temporary phase. Dwelling on hardships takes our focus away from the future and blocks the heart’s desire. What is it that you want? Be open to new possibilities and look forwards instead of backwards. Open your heart to the gifts that Spirit lays out before you, or you just may miss them! If a truce needs to be called then now is the time. Take past mistakes as lessons and move on.

Clear Quarz – Opal

"Your children on Earth and in Heaven are happy and well cared for by God and the angels."
Concerns, fears and doubts for our children never fade, no matter what age. Whether they’ve just come into the world, left for college or flown the nest to start their own family – have faith that your loved ones are protected during their passage through life and th…


In recent times I've been drawn away from the energy of tarot into angel and oracle readings, but the tarot remains a useful tool for many. Even darker themed decks can be beneficial for getting to know oneself, in turn heightening perception and intuition. For me, this all started with the Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz.

This was the first tarot deck I purchased and undoubtedly remains a favourite. The imagery on the cards is hauntingly beautiful, like an ancient manor house steeped in dark history; only by entering will you uncover its secrets.

That’s very much how I felt upon delving into this deck for the first time, and The High Priestess is a perfect choice for the cover of the box. Being the most spiritual of the cards, she’s shown gazing down into a glowing orb of secret knowledge, and the blue hues to her flesh make her appear otherworldly – alien, even. I have always been a visual reader, and the unusual artwork of The Archeon Tarot really digs into the imagination, forcin…


Suck at marketing? Anti-social media? Budget the size of a postal stamp?

The joy of completing a novel is often short-lived, with barely enough time to fist pump the air before the real work begins: getting your book into the hands of readers.

While we'd all love to be snatched up by a major publisher and see our hardbacks in the window display of Waterstones, for many authors, that dream is a flop. The good news is that in the modern world, one doesn't require agents, publishers and publicists to become a successful author. Strategy and perseverance can go a long way if you're willing to put the work in. There are just as many self-published and indie press authors being discovered as there are under larger publishing houses. Word of mouth is any creative's best friend, so what does that mean for the socially awkward hermit?

A social media presence doesn't have to involve plugging your book a hundred times a day or striking up conversations with strangers in a bid to…


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Metas is available to review via Netgalley until 29/11/2019. Whether you're an Amazon reviewer, Goodreads member or blog/website owner - all platforms welcome!

Recent reviews

'Though not a classic ‘werewolf’ story, Metas is the reinvention of the struggle to contain and harness the animal within. An urban tale of heightened senses, mysterious groups hellbent on eradicating the problem, and a hunger that cannot be denied. Through broken friendships, stifled lovers, and secrets that would drive anyone insane, Louise brings the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the life of protagonist Violet.

Violet is not a perfect hero – she gets her hands dirty on numerous occasions, a morally conflicted woman who was never given the tools to make the right decisions. She may be the least ‘human’ of all the characters in the book but she certainly has the complicated emotions and motivations of a human. She can be brave, cowardly, kind to strangers, mean to those she loves, secretive and ir…


Just in time for September, cute baby dragon with a sapphire birthstone. Perfect gift for virgos and libras. Only £10.50 this month!
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